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Just in case you have not caught on….every Sunday I post a picture that sums up my week in 3 words. This was started by Pug Mama at Life’s Scatters. If you participate, you leave her a comment that you posted your picture…….she will then stop by your blog and make a copy of the picture. Each Monday, she collaborates everyone’s pictures, sets them to music and turns them into a video, then posts it on her blog…..It is fantastic…….it really is a must see….the girl has got some talent….so make sure you stop by on Monday to check it out!

This week I chose….Cherish Every Moment……things can change in an instant……I quickly realized this during Monday evening’s Event.

It is so easy to get caught up in the craziness of life…..sometimes we lose sight of what is really important.

We need to make the most of every moment and live our lives for the here and now. No one can predict what tomorrow might bring.

Live life to the fullest and cherish each special memory along the way!

Have a wonderful Sunday!

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  • Denise C - I totally agree!!! We must cherish every moment! First time visiting…I have noticed that you and I visit several of the same blogs……so I decided to pop over and introduce myself! I am Denise Crockett we live in Tennessee and have one daughter who is 12….and I have been blogging since Dec of 2007.

    Your family is just beautiful….and I have enjoyed reading through a few of your posts…I look forward to “getting to know you better”

    I have a dear, dear friend who is an Ovarian Cancer survivor as well…and oh how thankful we are that she got a second chance at living too!
    We thank God each day for her life!!

    Have a sweet, sweet Sunday with your precious family!

    Sweet Blessings,
    Denise CrockettReplyCancel

  • Briana's Mom - Perfectly said! Love the adorable pic!ReplyCancel

  • Kate - Lisa,

    This post brought back such horrible memories for me. Although not choking, we had a medical scare with Lia in February…and I still suffer from the fallout. Thankfully Lia is perfectly fine and for that I am extrememly thankful. I actually had a CPR class taught at my house right after as a way to prepare myself and bring some peace. A few people form our group also attended. I have always been a food cutter and even now that Lia is 3, as constanly cutting food and reminding her to take one bite at a time. I think I drive her crazy actually. :-)

    I am glad eveything is okay and I am so sorry that you had this experience. They are such wake up calls…whether we need one or not, right??ReplyCancel

  • Isabella's Mommy & Daddy - LOVE the picture….
    And you are sooo right…
    You never know when things can change…
    Have a Great Sunday..ReplyCancel

  • Jodee Leader - Cute picture of Sarah! We live for the day at our house too! In fact, I can’t imagine living any other way!

    Hope you are having a fun and relaxing Sunday! I am busy doing laundry and packing for our trip to San Diego.ReplyCancel

  • Jodee Leader - P.S. I love Sarah’s dress. Where did you get it — Children’s Place? I was just there and almost bought a similar one for Kamree but they didn’t have her size!ReplyCancel

  • Debz - So true. Beautiful 3 word pic.

    Cool that our moms B’Day’s are the same day and same age!ReplyCancel

  • Shawnstribe - Very very special!!!!!
    and a lesson for us all
    Thank you

  • Shari - That is a great reminder! It is important to live for the moment and cherish all of it!ReplyCancel

  • Colleen - What an adorable picture and what a beautiful post!!! I totally agree. Live for today!!!ReplyCancel

  • Shelly & Family! - Hope you had a great Sunday as well…I know we (here at the Leonards household) sure did!ReplyCancel

  • Fliss and Mike Adventures - Love this one… since I love photography myself… it is so sweet…ReplyCancel

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