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A Pool Fit For A Princess…..or Two!

4 Princesses in the pool BLOG
We have spent almost our entire Memorial Day weekend poolside with our two princesses.

Sliding Board Collage
These princesses…… not that plastic ones above, although they were the first toys to make their way into the water:)

Pouring Water Collage
Reagan seemed to prefer the small tupperware containers from our kitchen instead of the real pool toys.

Tupperware Cups COLLAGE
They kept her occupied for hours and every time we turned around……

Helping Hands BLOG
She was cluthching one of them with her tiny hands, or her big sister was handing one to her:)

Sarah Giving Reagan the Fish Lips BLOG
It was a joy to watch these two spend endless hours out there splashing around and being silly in the sun.

Within the first hour that the pool was filled, Reagan lost her footing and toppled into the water face first. We swooped in and had her head above water again in no time. Even though I was right there watching her and I knew I would get her up, it feels as though it is happening in slow motion and you can’t grab them fast enough. Just another reminder that you can never turn your back, not even for a second, because that is all it takes.

Starlet with her Glasses BLOG
After that she was a little timid about going back in, and found other “things” to play with and keep her busy.

Glasses Collage
But before long, she was ready to give it another try. Back in the pool she went!

Put the camera away mommy BLOG
And when Sarah flashed me the “no more pictures Mom” look….. I put the camera away and the real water battles began. Even Daddy got in on the fun which led to a chase with water flying in every direction.

Little did they know that I have an arsenal of water balloons just waiting to be filled up for the water battle of all times……… Nick loves them, so I am saving those for a weekend he is with us. Something tells me he won’t be digging the princess pool:)

Hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday Weekend!

Can you believe it is already June?

For those that are interested, the Princess Pool was purchased at Target and so were the girls’ bathing suits. The suits were only $10 a piece. I love it when I find cute clothes for a bargain price….and when they have both the girls sizes.

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  • Life with Kaishon - The suits are so cute : ) I am glad you had a nice weekend. It was like a million degrees, so it is good you could cool your sweeties off!

    We went to our pool on Saturday and Sunday. So much fun. It’s always good to go back.ReplyCancel

  • Buckeroomama - I love it how Sarah and Reagan often wear matching outfits! They’re going to look back and reminisce and say, “Remember how mom always used to dress us in those pretty matching outfits…?” =)ReplyCancel

  • Just Bits and Pieces - Adorable!!! Especially that last look Sarah gave you!ReplyCancel

  • Wanda - Love, love, love that pool. We keep getting holes in ours (2 a season I think) but that one would be worth taking better care of. Adorable.

    And speaking of adorable – your two girls, frolicking in the adorable pool. What a beautiful sight that is. I’m glad you enjoyed your week-end. You were forced to sit and relax. And so true – we really have to watch every second.

    Yeah June….before you know it, it’ll July!!!
    Hugs to you!ReplyCancel

  • Casey - Oh my!! I love those pictures!! And I should get one of those pools for myself. It was 97 here today. ugh. My father builds swimming pools… you’d think I’d have one! :)ReplyCancel

  • Ellie - CUTE! your girls in their suits are just adorable (doesn’t hurt those are my fave colors!) I love the Princess pool – Tia must might be getting one of those for her b-day!

    So glad you enjoyed a beautiful long weekend. Can’t wait for the photos you will take when Nick gets the water balloons – lol! I just put a pack in Jonah’s b-day gifts! (He is 15 TODAY!!!)

    Happy Wednesday!

    xo ellieReplyCancel

  • Sharie - Love the black and white of Sarah on her belly making the funny face at Reagan. They remind me so much of Amelia and her cousin Katie. Although they are 4 years apart they are the best of friends and they too had a lot of fun this weekend. The water was COLD at the lake, but they laid on rafts in the water basking in the sun – so fun.ReplyCancel

  • Dita - That is the pool of the Century! I’ll be packing my own swimsuit the next time I visit….I MUST try it out!

    These shots of the girls say it all…Sister Love…their very first of a lifetime of Summers together. I can’t believe how big and beautiful both of your angels are getting…every picture tells me a new story.

    I FINALLY got all the photos up (well, most of them LOL!) from your trip last weekend to us…just looking at the photos makes me miss you guys all over again.

    See you all VERY soon!

    we love you
    Dita and the DarlingsReplyCancel

  • Leckeres für Mensch und Katze - This little girls looks really like prinzess. LG TinaReplyCancel

  • AJ - They look so cute…beautiful post!ReplyCancel

  • camaca - Lovely images specially for me, the last one, the no more shots mum.ReplyCancel

  • Alyson and Ford - Wonderful weather, pool and girls! So cute!

    Alyzabeth’s MommyReplyCancel

  • redmaryjanes - I LOVE that pool! Wonderful photos. The girls are darling together.ReplyCancel

  • NC Sue - Thank you for hosting. I’m a follower, and this hop is found on a page on my site that lists more than 250 hops, memes, and photo challenges… some for each day of the week. Check under the header for the link to that page. I’ve also just started a BlogFrog community that focuses on hops, carnivals, memes, and photo challenges. Go to to visit & participate.
    I hope you’ll visit me soon. I follow back!

  • Jodee - The new pool is fabulous and just perfect for two princesses! Love the matching suits too! It looks like the girls had loads of fun last weekend!ReplyCancel

  • Tiffany - So cute! I am sure that pool will be out of stock by the end of the day…my girls would be crazy for it:)ReplyCancel

  • MarieElizabeth - Looks like they were having tons of fun!ReplyCancel

  • Sharon Ankerich - Precious photos, precious pool, precious swimsuits (we buy all our’s there), and precious princesses!!!

  • Hunan Mommy - Beautiful photos! Your little one is growing!

    Cara – Another Chenzhou MommyReplyCancel

  • The Byrd's Nest - Oh they are too precious for words. I love that princess pool:)ReplyCancel

  • Teresa - Love the photos!! It looks like the girls had a great time!! Gabriella has the same suit from Target and I just love it!!!ReplyCancel

  • DiJo - We have those suits too!!!! One of my favorite colors on the girls… We might need that rocking Princess pool too!!! So fun! Happy JUNE!!!!!


  • anemonen - They are so lovely and the photos are stunning.ReplyCancel

  • Kim - Gorgeous!ReplyCancel

  • jade - I was already starting to wonder if you had found a matching swim suit for Nick, but luckily you added he might not be as much in love with the swimming pool as the girls, so I figured he doesn’t have to match their outfits either. Only joking, really love the pictures (as usual) and wish you many more fun sunny days together! Greetings from chilly BelgiumReplyCancel

  • Maddy - So cute!! You can tell they really enjoyed splashing around :) I don’t blame them…Monday was sooo HOT!!! Where did spring go? I’m dreading what the summer will feel like! BTW – that last shot of Sarah…gorgeous!ReplyCancel

  • Stepping On Cheerios - Love this collection of shots:)ReplyCancel

  • Margaret - Totally wonderful!ReplyCancel

  • Gail - That is one AWESOME princess pool!!! Sounds and looks like you all had a blast over the long weekend. Love the perspective you shot several of these from Lisa.
    We’re water balloon fans here too…my husband especially. lol.

    Have a great rest of your week!


  • Debbie - Oooooooooooooh, Reagans wee legs!!! ADORABLE!!! DReplyCancel

  • Caseybumpinalong - Your photography is so gorgeous and inspiring! You really know how to make everyday moments beautiful.ReplyCancel

  • Jill Samter Photography - oh i love reagan’s hair cut! so cute!!! sweet shots and i’m so glad you enjoyed time by the pool!

    cute suits too. i love target for great finds like that!

    have a blessed week!
    love and hugs,

  • Formerly known as Frau - Cute suits and great shots of your princesses! Happy June!ReplyCancel

  • Rachelle - I think the “no more pictures mom” photo is my favorite of the collection. She is STUNNING! I cannot wait to get over to the pool,the beach, any water that’ll lessen the intensity of this 90+ degree weather we’re getting!ReplyCancel

  • the meaklims - The two sweetest swimming clad beauties I’ve ever seen in my life!

    Those suits are precious. I can’t wait for Target to come here too!


  • Rj and Jessie - These are so adorable!ReplyCancel

  • Heather Hale - As always, LOVE your pictures. Every time we go shopping, Emmalyne wants to stop and look at the pools for sale…except she tends to be looking at the slightly larger ones! :)


  • JinXiu - what a sweet set of pictures. the girls look amazing. what bathing beauties.
    Thank you so much for your advice on the camera. i landed up going to B&H in NYC and i got a great deal on the cannon 7d seems like a nice camera. I hate not having my extention with me at all times. I was using my point and shoot but was very unhappy with it. June is when all the events happen, bday, graduation, dance, cheer, soccer, horseshows and i didnt want to miss a shot. you are such a dear for all your help. thank you againReplyCancel

  • Briana's Mom - Funny thing – Bri has those two exact princess swim dolls. We have to get our girls together one day. 😀

    I cannot believe June is here already. Crazy.

    Beautiful pictures, as always!ReplyCancel

  • Faith Hope Love Photography - So, so cute…you can just see the love between them! And look at Sarah’s face….love it!! I get that look a lot but man is it cute 😉 Have a great weekend.ReplyCancel

  • Elena - How long is the linky opened? It was still open when I submitted my pic. and then I noticed it wasn’t showing up and I saw that the linky had closed :o(ReplyCancel

  • Elena - Sorry, disregard my last comment. I wasn’t even on the most current challenge!ReplyCancel

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