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Black and White Wednesday – “A Few Cape Cod Favorites”

We just got back today from our 4th of July weekend on the Cape and I have not had much time to do anything, but there were two things that were a MUST….

First, tackle the mountain of sandy clothes and towels that were piled up in the laundry room…….

Walking Along The Water
and second, download the photos from my camera cards!

Reagan walking into the water BLOG
We had a fantastic holiday weekend with our family.

Reagn Holding Nick
The weather could not have been more perfect.

Looking at Reagan in the water BLOG
The beaches were very crowded…..
We typically go in August and I forgot that this holiday week attracts a larger crowd. It made for tight quarters until the tide went out each day and even late at night when we came back for photos, there were more people then I ever remembered seeing. All I can say, good thing for the clone tool in photoshop, otherwise there would would be a lot of people on boogie boards in the background of my photos:)

Reagan and Nick BW BLOG
We were all very anxious to see how Reagan would react when her feet hit the sand for the very first time.

Chasing Nick BLOG

Girls Running in the water BLOG
As soon as her feet hit the sand……

Girls Running Sand Splashing Up BLOG
She was OFF AND RUNNING and went straight for the water!

Walking Towards Me Three2 BLOG
It is really hard for me to look at this picture of the three kids together and not get a little teary eyed.

To think that last August, we took Nick and Sarah to the very same spot, where they wrote Reagan’s name in the sand, and now 11 months later, there she is running down that very same beach hand in hand with her brother and sister having the time of her life.

There are many, many more beach photos to come but I wanted to post a few of my favs tonight while I had a few moments, because sadly, our vaca is offically over and it is back to work for both Pat and me.

Hope everyone had a FABULOUS FOURTH!!

I will catch up with you all very soon.

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  • Life with Kaishon - I am so glad she loved it : )
    Your beach babies are all so beautiful!ReplyCancel

  • Sarah - I love these. Gorgeous photos!! Looks like a great time.ReplyCancel

  • Faith, Hope, and Love - So glad you had a great time and that Reagan loved the sand between her piggys! :) The photos are GORGEOUS….no surprise.

    You can’t help but feel the hand of God to witness Reagan walking where her name was once written by her family….just gotta love it!!!

    Love and blessings,

  • Faith, Hope, and Love - PS…there is something truly heartwarming about a big brother with his little sisters… gets me every time! :)ReplyCancel

  • Leckeres für Mensch und Katze - Very nice beach photos :)ReplyCancel

  • Wanda - What a wonderful first – for Reagan and your whole family. Looking back – it really is all a miracle how things have unfolded.

    These are wonderful pictures. So soft (they remind me of why I fell in love with your photography to begin with Lisa). And I love the bond your three so obviously have together.

    Can’t believe we’ll be together again in a few weeks. Woo hoo….. xoxoxReplyCancel

  • Vhen - lovely photos,i love it! :)ReplyCancel

  • Kayce - I can only imagine your tears! Beautiful pictures Lisa! I remember last year commenting and saying I couldn’t wait to see this years trip to the Cape…here we are and they are priceless and full of joy!! Full circle! God is good!!ReplyCancel

  • Debbie - I can remember that post too Lisa…..hasn’t time gone so quickly since? It still seems surreal though doesn’t it? Glad you had a fab time.ReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - Love these – your children are so beautiful!ReplyCancel

  • Michelle - These are simply beautiful :)ReplyCancel

  • Hope for Elisyn - Stunning Lisa . . and amazing! All these firsts that you get to experience with Reagan. Makes me teary eyed. You are so very blessed! Happy 4th Lisa!ReplyCancel

  • Alyson and Ford - Beautiful photos, the three children are such a joy to see, beach photos are the best, wide open space to enjoy. Love that Reagan has that bright smile!

    Alyzabeth’s MommyReplyCancel

  • Mimi - Absolutely a joy to behold!
    I can’t help thinking that Reagan was confident on the sand in part because Sarah and Nick were there, showing her what fun it is.
    Wow to that clone tool too, and your photoshop skills!ReplyCancel

  • KandK - Welcome Back! These are beautiful Lisa! Nick is so loving with the girls, brings tears to my eyes too! You are sooooooo blessed!


  • Michelle R Photography - Lisa,
    These are quite possibly my favorite images of yours!! They hold such meaning, captured such joy and your subjects are just as cute as can be!! Not to mention the sand and water was totally working some awesome reflections for you! Love these!!


  • Cindy - Totally love the pictures. So crisp and the dresses are so beautiful.ReplyCancel

  • Jodee - Your beach pictures turned out fabulous! The outfits are perfect too! What a fun first for Reagan! I bet she can’t wait to go back!

    Hope you have a great week!ReplyCancel

  • Jill Samter Photography - So glad you had such a wonderful and memorable trip!

    The photos are precious and the lighting is perfect!

    Much love,

  • Gail - So happy you had a wonderful 4th Lisa! All of these are spectacular and probably my favorites that you’ve ever taken. The last one is just precious!!! Love the reflections.

    Hope you have a great (short) week!


  • jade - Tears here too, just too beautiful your pictures of your adorable children! Hope the next holidays will be there soon enough for you all! Kind regards, jadeReplyCancel

  • Terri - FABULOUS pictures Lisa! I love the first one!ReplyCancel

  • Caseybumpinalong - Gorgeous photos, and a beautiful post! So happy for you that your family is all together. :)ReplyCancel

  • - Gorgeous photos!! I love the Cape and it’s been too long for me. I got teary too!! My 11 yr old loves reading your blog and likes to ‘scoop’ me on new photos of the kids. :)ReplyCancel

  • Jewels of My Heart - Thank You Jesus for answered prayers…
    How wonderful that your little Reagan was there with her family… what a testament of God’s faithfulness for your oldest two children.

    Beautiful photos… treasures indeed.ReplyCancel

  • jennifer - Love the pics! All three of your kiddos are adorable!!ReplyCancel

  • Rachel B - I love the reflections in the water!ReplyCancel

  • Stefanie - So lovely, Lisa! Your pictures truly capture the beauty of the moment!! The one of the three of them is just stunning :)ReplyCancel

  • Marla - SO super cute, each and every one!! Love seeing those three together and seeing those chubby little feet in the sand. Glad y’all had a great trip, good luck getting back into the swing of things this week!! Love ya!!

    2 1/2 weeks till Philly!! Wahoo!!ReplyCancel

  • Jeska - Such beautiful photos.ReplyCancel

  • Chic Homeschool Mama - Beautiful shots of them- I am stunned by the calm feel of the beach- I am so used to west coast beaches that it always takes me back when I see the differencesReplyCancel

  • Nicolasa - Gorgeous photos. I love the beach and I am so happy Reagan liked it too! What a beautiful family you have!ReplyCancel

  • Dhemz - sweet! I love all the photos….:)ReplyCancel

  • CC - Gorgeous! I miss NE beaches :( :( my kids hated sand on their feet. My son wouldn’t stand on it until he was 3!ReplyCancel

  • Sharon Ankerich - Beautiful beautiful!!!Such a blessing!!! XOReplyCancel

  • Caroline (Frogmum) - Beautiful pictures ~ such a lovely thing to have your promised little Reagan WITH you this time! :-)

    I can’t say I’m a little jealous of your beach though ~ it wouldn’t be true ~ I am HUGELY jealous!! :-)

    Glad you all had a great holiday and the weather played nicely too…ReplyCancel

  • These Are The Days - I didn’t think I could love your photos any more….until you posted these. You are a blessed mommy, and they are blessed to have such a talented mommy taking such fabulous photos that they’ll always cherish. :)ReplyCancel

  • Jeanne - Truly gorgeous pictures Lisa. I remember Nick writing `Reagan` in the sand and can`t believe it was 12 months ago, he looks to be his little sister`s hero, you must be so proud.ReplyCancel

  • Tammie T. - Beautiful photos! Love the smile on Reagan’s face! Looks like the weather was perfect!ReplyCancel

  • Tammie T. - PS I also love the reflections of the kids in the water. Didn’t notice that the first time I looked! Your photography is amazing!ReplyCancel

  • DiJo - These are so beautiful Lisa… You have such a gift for capturing the beauty in the moment with your kids! The dresses look great!!!! I am so glad you got to have some time off! I know you will be looking forward to your August return!

    We are in TA countdown over here!


  • Virginia - These photos are breathtaking and it’s so sweet to see Reagan enjoying the beach. I remember the post where you wrote her name on that about answered prayers. It’s also sweet to see how much these three obviously adore each other. Welcome home.

    Gin =)ReplyCancel

  • redmaryjanes - It is amazing what one year can bring. As always, stunning photos. You have a beautiful family.ReplyCancel

  • the meaklims - This post totally brought tears to my eyes as well. Your three children, all together.

    Answered prayers.ReplyCancel

  • Erika B - Your shots and your children are so beautiful. We really need to do some proper beach shots this year.

    Erika BReplyCancel

  • melifaif - This set of captures is like a dream. I love them all…what a keepsake!?! Your kiddos are fabulous…ReplyCancel

  • Mia's Mommy - I always love your beach photos. They’re gorgeous!ReplyCancel

  • Football and Fried Rice - I can’t believe how they are all growing up so fast. Nick is so tall and handsome! is Sarah starting kindergarten this fall? As always, amazing pictures!ReplyCancel

  • Catherine - So many wonderful pictures of your beautiful children!!!ReplyCancel

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