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Black and White Wednesday – “Beach Bound”

Nick Peeling Paint BLOG
Nick arrived home on Saturday and we could not have been more excited to see him walk through the door.

One Big Hug BLOG
He said that he didn’t miss his sister, but I think his actions speak louder than his words. He looks pretty happy to see her….. Don’t you think?

Contemplative BLOG
Sarah was smiling from ear to ear all weekend. Although she enjoyed being the only child the last two weeks, she was a little lost without her brother by her side. Now he is right back where he belongs.

Sorry I have not made the rounds in almost two weeks…… I will be back to checking in on everyone when we come back from vacation. We are finally beach bound….. we are heading to Cape Cod today and are looking forward to some serious R&R!

If there is any important news, I will let you all know ASAP. The computer is coming along just in case a certain something arrives:)

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  • Mary Lou - I love your photos as always. Nick looks a little different. Thinner maybe. Cute as a bug for sure. They both are.
    Thanks for hosting.ReplyCancel

  • Kim - Love the photos..
    Have a great time.
    You sooo deserve it..
    LOVE YOU and MISS YOU ..

  • Kim - Can’t wait to see some writing in the sand.. you know me.. that is my FAVORITE>..
    Love yaReplyCancel

  • Eboix - I love black and white Wednesdays, and I always love your photos!ReplyCancel

  • Just Bits and Pieces - Such beautiful photos of the two of them!!!!! You can definitely see the love!ReplyCancel

  • Gail - These are simply beautiful Lisa, and I know you all missed Nick. How great you can get away and have some down time! enjoy!


  • Ellie - Oh my, Sarah looks positively smitten! too cute, and you captured them so perfectly! Have a wonderful holiday with your family – you so deserve it!!ReplyCancel

  • Buckeroomama - Those are such beautiful pictures of your children. I esp. love the last (BW) one! :)ReplyCancel

  • Wanda - Oh Lisa….just more gorgeousness. LOOOVVVE the last one – so classic. We can really see the maturity in Nick now (bittersweet I’ll bet) and so handsome. Even sweet Sarah is growing up before our eyes. (Sheesh….now I’m misty….).

    Have a wonderful time – I know you will.

    Lots of love!!!!

  • Lynn - Have a great trip and blessings for your long deserved good news to come soon.ReplyCancel

  • Terri - I love, love, love the last picture and I love both of their outfits!
    Have lots of fun!!! =)ReplyCancel

  • Kim - Great photos, Sarah’s dress is adorable. Have fun at the beach!ReplyCancel

  • Kayce - Wonderful photos! Enjoy your trip to the Cape and making it your LAST without Nick and Sarah’s little sister! :)ReplyCancel

  • justinegordon - this is my first week participating, what a great idea, love your photographs and your blog. Have a lovely time awayReplyCancel

  • Alyson and Ford - They are so beautiful, as always with your photography! Whether B&W or color, the family love shines through. Enjoy your vacation.
    Now for some good news, stalking Rumor Queen!

    Alyzabeth’s Mommy for 22.75 MonthsReplyCancel

  • fleur de lis cottage - Enjoy your time at the beach. I still need to get pics to you…I’ve been crazy busy at work. I haven’t forgotten.

    Get some R & R and hope you hear something soon :)ReplyCancel

  • ThisMamaRAZZI - Gorgeous kiddos! Have a great time!ReplyCancel

  • Holly - BEAUTIFUL!! Love your images!! ;D
    Glad I found you!!ReplyCancel

  • Maddy - They are so adorable!! Glad Nick is back home safe & sound! I’m sure you all missed him (…and I’m sure he missed you too!). Have fun at Cape Cod!! I’m sure it’s gorgeous this time of year :)ReplyCancel

  • Jenny - Just found you and submitted my first entry for Black and White Wednesday. Thanks for hosting.ReplyCancel

  • Jodee Leader - I hope you have a fun and relaxing trip to the beach! Travel safe.

    Cute reunion pictures of the kids!

    Hoping and praying you hear something soon!ReplyCancel

  • Dave - winners as always!ReplyCancel

  • Denise - Nick looks so grown up Lisa! I hope that you are able to relax a little at the beach…but I know you will have some other things on your mind!! Hugs~ReplyCancel

  • Love Letters To China - Wow has Nick grown this summer. He definitely looks like he missed his little sister too. So glad he enjoyed his time on the beach with your family. I hope you’re able to relax a bit. I know that’s going to be really hard! Looking forward to hearing your good news any day now.


  • carolinagirl - Nick is so darn handsome. You will be fighting the girls off!!! 😉 Hoping for news like NOW!!!!ReplyCancel

  • patty - beautiful photos! have a wonderful trip~and hoping for some wonderful news for you soon!! ((H))ReplyCancel

  • Susan - Great photo! Thanks for hosting B&W Wednesday!ReplyCancel

  • The OriginalPsyn - Awe the are to cute. I hope you have a great time at the beach. I look forward to see the photos.ReplyCancel

  • kerri - Enjoy your trip to the Cape, I love seeing your photos upon your return!
    Love the shots, the last one is precious!!ReplyCancel

  • Formerly known as Frau - Have a wonderful vacation!ReplyCancel

  • Amy - Beautiful photos as usual. I’m super jealous of anyone who is heading to a beach or any type of vacation!ReplyCancel

  • Ashley Sisk - Beautiful photos as always but I’m anxiously waiting for you to get the big call.ReplyCancel

  • chasity - your photography is amazing.
    i’m so glad i stumbled upon your blog today and could play along.

    have a wonderful vacation.ReplyCancel

  • Marla - These are gorgeous girl! I would definitely say that Nick missed his girl. A certain little something better be ON THE WAY!!!! I’m so ready I can hardly stand myself!!! :)

    Have a safe trip today!!ReplyCancel

  • Becky - Love the pics!! I can only imagine how much you missed him! I can’t wait to hear the news coming your way soon! Enjoy your trip. Looking forward to seeing you in just under a month!

    Safe travels!ReplyCancel

  • Caroline (Frogmum) - Such seriously GORGEOUS pictures ~ especially that B&W!!ReplyCancel

  • Anaiz - Have a great trip! Lovely photos!ReplyCancel

  • redmaryjanes - These are wonderful!ReplyCancel

  • elizabeth - enjoy your time away –
    love your photo!ReplyCancel

  • Becky - Hey Lisa – I already commented but I wanted to let you know I added mine….

    Again — safe travels my friend!ReplyCancel

  • Xmas Dolly - My first time here, and I totally love it. What a neat blog you have. Your children are so adorable, and what a handsome son you have. I’ve signed up for your black & white Wednesday. What a fun idea. I’m your latest follower. Nice to meet you!ReplyCancel

  • Jboo - So cute! Those two are adorable!

    Have fun at the beach! Have a G&T (or two or three) for me! 😉


  • Dita - Great shots. Nick’s face is maturing before my eyes. What a stunner he is.
    I can see Miss Sarah has her prince back. They’ll be back bickering in no time…just the way brothers and sisters are supposed to.

    Happy vacation…..ENJOY!


  • Nancy E - Love your little girls “look” on the bottom photo — nice! Hope you are enjoying your vacation! Summer is flying by fast!

    I have been blogging a LOT lately – sharing my journey — check in sometime if you have a minute.

    Thanks for your motivation to take and share my photos!

  • Ewa - Your photos are so’s a pleasure to llok at them
    This is my first time participating in black and white Wednesday,
    have a nice time awayReplyCancel

  • Killlashandra - Oh what a sweet shot your b/w image is. Her little smile while holding his hand, nice bit of composition. :) I’ve always thought siblings miss each other more than they think when they are separated.ReplyCancel

  • Natalie - Your photos are wonderful and you are beautiful yourself! I love how crisp and vivid your photos are! Look forward to following you and your posts!ReplyCancel

  • Faith Hope Love Photography - Love it!! And I can so tell he missed her..don’t they always act so tough:) Hope you have a great vacation…relax!!ReplyCancel

  • Tiffany - Love the black and white challenge. something different and fun to do. :-) Love the photos so bright and full of life.ReplyCancel

  • Mimi - Hope you have a fantastic vacation, and that you get some good news while there.
    You sooo deserve a holiday, so enjoy it!
    And take lots of photos for us, won’t you?ReplyCancel

  • Missy - I know you missed Nick so much! I mean, how could you not…just look at those dreamy eyes and sweet smile. Such a cutie, he is. Looks like little sissy missed him, too! Enjoy your time at the Cape and we’ll catch up next week. Hope we are celebrating over the phone with a cosmo and some news about a certain little girl from the east!ReplyCancel

  • Colin and Jill Canada - I so love how you dressed them in black and white for these pictures. It makes for perfect B&W shots!!


  • paige - how sweet that she adores him & certainly he adores her too!
    have a fabulous time
    oh & send me your home address before your world gets really crazy!!

  • Keisha - Beautiful!
    Have fun & keep us posted!ReplyCancel

  • Sharon Ankerich - Hope you have the BEST vacation!!! Love your photos of your beautiful kids! Can’t wait to see your new precious one!!! :)ReplyCancel

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