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Black and White Wednesday – “Sandy Candy at the Blueberry Festival”

Swing Collage
Last weekend we took the kids to the Bethlehem Blueberry Festival and although it was scorching hot, the kids had a lot of fun!

Swing Collage Two BLOG
They rode a horse powered carousel with big bench sized swinging seats.

Helping Reagan Feed the Goats BLOG
After the dizzinesss wore off, we made our way to the mini petting zoo where we attempted to feed the goats.

Feeding the animals COLLAGE
They were a little agressive and Reagan was a timid at first. Then she felt one of them lick her little hand and she giggled with delight! It was a good thing they had hand sanitizing stations. We certainly needed them by the time we were done:)

Face Painting Collage
All week long, Sarah had been talking about the festival.
She remembered our trip from last year and said that she could not wait to have her face painted again and she also wanted to make another piece of sand art for her bedroom. You can click HERE to see last year’s post. It is amazing how much Sarah has changed in a year!

Face Painting Collage 2
Even though there were about 20 different options, she picked the same exact thing as last year. A purple unicorn.

Sandy Candy Collage
We made our way to the Sand Art stand and we found out they changed things up for this year! It was now “Sandy Candy” Edible Sand Art! Sarah nearly screamed out loud when she realized that not only could she make something, she could eat it too!

sandy candy collage two
Each color of sand was a different flavor.

sandy candy collage three
You could pick a tube or a necklace that was shaped like an ice cream cone and then you began filling it with the Sandy Candy of your choice. Surprisingly, the girls both chose the tube instead of the necklace. Probably because it held more candy:)

Reagan needed a little help from Nick, because the bottles were almost as big as her. Sarah was EXTREMELY serious about her layering method. She definitely had a system and was not going to pick a color for her tube without doing a taste test first.

If you are at a local fair or festival, you will have to see if they have one of these Sandy Candy stands. It was definitely a hit with the kids!

After the girls were done making their sand art, we made our way to the food area and eventually back home. It was too hot to be out there any longer than we already were. You can see how flushed and sweaty the girls were getting just sitting there in the shade.

We have been super busy around here. We have done some fun day trips and activities with the kids, but I am a little backed up with photos and posts. I am hoping to get everything caught up soon. I still have beach photos to go through. I wish there were more hours in the day, I could certainly use them:)

I also wanted to say thank you for all the encouraging comments and emails in regards to Monday’s post. It made me feel so much better to hear how many other families have dealt with this and have had such positive outcomes as a result of early intervention. I will keep everyone posted as we go down this path.

~Have a Wonderful Wednesday~

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  • Sarah - The Sandy Candy sounds awesome! My kids would love it!ReplyCancel

  • Life with Kaishon - I do remember last years blueberry festival : ) Sarah is the sweetest. So excited she could make sandy candy!ReplyCancel

  • Hope for Elisyn - Love that Sandy Candy! Your children are so beautiful and I especially love that one photo of Sarah! I agree, us moms could always use more hours in the day! BlessingsReplyCancel

  • Jewels of My Heart - What a special day… love all the pics and the girl’s dresses are just beautiful. It is so fun when they remember and it becomes a family tradition.ReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - What a fun festival! Wow – Sarah has changed a lot in a year! Love seeing what a great big brother Nick is to Reagan!ReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - Your daughters are simply gorgeous and your son is so handsome.ReplyCancel

  • Savvy - Your photos capture the spirit of the fair perfectly. I’ve never seen a Sandy Candy booth at out fairs but I wish they had one, it looks like soo much fun. Happy Wordless Wednesday and I look forward to seeing your future posts.ReplyCancel

  • Kayce - Fun, fun post! I’m going to have to look for Sandy Candy at our fair this year…fun stuff!! Keep enjoying your summer Lisa and all the great stuff you guys are doing. Hugs to you all!ReplyCancel

  • Leckeres für Mensch und Katze - What a funny day for the kids! :) LG TinaReplyCancel

  • Vhen - lovely photos as always!ReplyCancel

  • Mimi - Lovely summery post, Lisa!
    That sandy candy sounds brilliant, actually the whole festival sounds brilliant.
    I love the protective way Nick has with Reagan, and the independence of Sarah.ReplyCancel

  • Sharon - I love her unicorn! What a fun day : )ReplyCancel

  • Maddy - Days like these are what summers are made for :) Glad your little crew had a great time at the festival!ReplyCancel

  • carolinagirl - What fun! I have never heard of Sandy Candy. We’ll have to be on the look out for it.ReplyCancel

  • redmaryjanes - Wow! I like that Sandy Candy. Our local fair was pretty small this year. I don’t think we had anything like that. Looks like you had some wonderful face painters also!ReplyCancel

  • Christina - I just wanted to stop by and tell you I was going to participate in Black & White Wednesday this week….I had my post written over the weekend.

    But….it’s a photo of my daughter & her boyfriend standing together on the beach. It’s amazing….but….my husband can’t get past the idea of me posting a picture of her in her bikini on my blog.

    So…… if anyone was interested in seeing it, they can email me and I will tell you it’s secret location. LOL

    Happy Wednesday!!!ReplyCancel

  • Sarah - How fun. Cute photos.ReplyCancel

  • Gail - Our fair is starting soon so we will look for Sandy Candy, what a fun time you all had!!

    And boy has Sarah changed in a year. Adorable pics Lisa, love miss Reagan’s expressions!


  • Ashley Sisk - How fun – I love that Sarah chose the exact same thing for her face as last year. She clearly likes unicorns.ReplyCancel

  • Marla - Now THAT looks like fun!!! I think that sandy candy stuff would be super fun for a birthday party too, I’m going to remember that for next year!

    Love the pics of Nick helping Reags with her candy, he’s a sweet big brother. And wow, her hair is SO long on the sides.

    See you in TWO days!!! :)ReplyCancel

  • Chic Homeschool Mama - What a wonderful time Lisa- those flowers in the girl’s hair are so cute!ReplyCancel

  • Love Letters To China - It looks like they had wonderful time. Who wouldn’t when they can walk around eating yummy blueberries and Sandy Candy. :-)


  • snekcip - Looks like I was “on to something” this past March for my daughter’s 4th bday “fairyland party”. We use the “pixie stix” strawcandy to make “edible fairydust”! I got little plastic tubes *that had different designs at Hobby Lobby by the “sandart” and it was an absolute HIT!! I had never heard of SandyCandy stands, hmmm I wonder if it was pixie straw candy that was used! Pretty cute!!!ReplyCancel

  • Sharon Ankerich - Beautiful post and photos of a beautiful day~ haven’t made it down to your Monday post~ haven’t read blogs in a couple of days. Going there now.

  • Briana's Mom - Briana would be ALL OVER that Sandy Candy! And she would totally have picked the unicorn too. 😀

    I can’t get over how much Sarah has grown! Such a little lady now.

    The kids are so cute!!!ReplyCancel

  • Jill Samter Photography - adorable shots and such fun!


  • Caseybumpinalong - Your photos are so bright and colorful – beautiful! Looks like a fun day!ReplyCancel

  • JO - lovely photos! and everybody looks so happy!

    ~ Jo’s Precious Thoughts ~ReplyCancel

  • Mrs. Claus - Always love scoping out your pictures. Added a late entry of our newest Great Grand Daughter! Little Bit!

    Merry Christmas!ReplyCancel

  • indium - so happy to read your blogReplyCancel

  • Sandra - My kids will love this!!
    grants for single mothersReplyCancel

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