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Friends, Family, and Photography…..Part 1

I am finally catching up after a nice long weekend filled with friends, family, and photography!! I have so much to share, and wasn’t quite sure how I was going to go about this, but I think chronologically is the easiest!!

So let’s start with Thursday….

Thursday I flew into Atlanta and was able to meet with my client. It was a great meeting quick and to the point….I headed back to my hotel for a little R&R before I met this special little lady and her Mommy……



Lisa and Briana came to pick me up at the hotel and we enjoyed a meal together…..about 2 hours into dinner, I realized how long we had been sitting there and Briana was still content in her little booster seat!! What an angel she was to let us gab away!! Lisa, it was so great to finally meet you in person, I had so much fun, I could have talked all night and was a little sad to have to say goodbye so soon!! Look forward to seeing you in the near future……and Miss Bri…what can I say….she is cuter than cute. Sarah would have had a ball running through the hotel lobby with you:)


On Friday morning, Kam came up to the hotel to meet with Jen and I before we headed to start our workshop weekend!! The three of us had a wonderful Mexican lunch….the time just flew by chatting with these ladies. They both are exactly as they appear to be on their blogs and a true pleasure to meet!! Kam, it was so much fun and I look forward to seeing you again too. One never knows when I will be back in the GA area:) Jen….I had such a blast hanging out with you all weekend. I miss that little southern accent already….I hope we get another opportunity to see each other soon!!

So now on to the official workshop segment of my weekend…….

Words cannot describe how INCREDIBLE this workshop was. It blew me away and was so much more than I had ever expected to learn in two short days!!

Most of you have seen Debbie’s work and know that she is very talented. Not only is she a wonderful person and fabulous artist….but she is an AMAZING teacher, and I mean that!! She had 10 girls with cameras strapped around their necks all asking for help and she was right there instructing each and every one of us until we mastered each skill….let me tell you, that was not an easy job!

We were out and about for over 12 hours on Saturday at a couple different locations…..we stopped to eat lunch and dinner, and other than that, it was all about capturing images!!

Here are some of my favorite shots of the day…..I put them in the order in which they were taken……

Princess In Training, as Debbie refers to her!! She is so sweet and just melts my heart. I was amazed how she handled the camera or should I say 10 of us with cameras!! She got right down on the ground and began to pose for us, so we could get some practice using reflectors to diffuse the sun. I think maybe she has done this once or twice with Mommy….what do you think?

Next on the list to photograph was Prince Charming……He was a fantastic model….and very handsome too:) In addition to being a great model, he is one heck of a photographer! He totally impressed me with his knowledge….surely a chip off the old block!

This is Renee…..Renee is a good friend of one of the girls that participated in the workshop with us. She is not a model, but she most certainly could be!! The camera loved her and she was so easy to work with. At one point in the afternoon….we were broken up into small groups and all given a different model to pose and place in the location of our choice. It was so much fun letting your imagination run wild….these photos(top and bottom) were taken in a cemetery. It was a really cool place with endless possiblities.


There are so many photos that I am really happy with, but these two were taken close to the end of the day and are at the tippy top of my favorite list!! As I said yesterday….she was very easy to photograph…and so so beautiful!! Agle is a semi professional model that Debbie just happened to be lucky enough to get for the afternoon!!

Since this is already a marathon post, I am going to stop here for now. I will pick up where I left off in a day or so…….I have tons of pictures, so I will share them over the next few days!!

I do want to take this moment to tell you all, if you have any interest in photography, this is the workshop to take……Check into some of the upcoming workshops Debbie is holding… will be worth every penny and then some!!

Needless to say….after two days with her, I am looking through the lens in a whole new way and never going back to the old way of doing things.

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  • day by day - Wow, Lisa! So glad you had such a fun week-end with friends and that you learned so much in your photography class! You will have to give me some tips some day. : )

    The pics you took are great, Lisa!!!ReplyCancel

  • Kate - Wow. Just wow. Blown away my friend. Well done!ReplyCancel

  • a Tonggu Momma - Wow. Amazing. Wow. I can already see a difference – and I didn’t believe you could get better. Well worth the trip, for sure! (And I can’t believe we have the same camera. At least, I think we do. You put me to shame.)ReplyCancel

  • Liene - Lisa and Briana are so great. I’m blessed to have them living 10 minutes away. Briana helps me keep my chin up when I think the wait will never end. Glad you had a great time with them. Our DS just loves Bri!ReplyCancel

  • Dawn - WOW!! I love, love, love the last picture!! Breathtaking!!

    So glad that you had a wonderful fun-filled weekend! Can’t wait to hear more and see more pictures!!


  • Sherri - Pictures are fantastic. Wow!
    Now that you are a pro you will think all my pics suck! That’s ok I know they do anyway…LOL!ReplyCancel

  • Marla - OMG! Those are so awesome, Lisa!! I am so excited about Austin (not that I’ll be shooting ANYTHING like that, but if I even get close, I’ll be thrilled!)

    Can’t wait to see more!ReplyCancel

  • Missy - You go girl!!! These images absolutely ROCK!!!! I LOVE THEM! It looks like you picked up some great skills.

    Missed your call this afternoon. I went back to the doc. I’m back to 1/2 days of work starting tomorrow. I’ll call you one afternoon this week if I am alive…ha!ReplyCancel

  • Sandy Toes - Those pictures are amazing…are you going to share your new found knowledge?????
    -sandy toeReplyCancel

  • Kam - My friend, it was a blessing to spend time with you! My only regret is that I wasn’t able to get in that car and go to the workshop! Maybe soon!

    These photos are incredible! I’m blown away! I’m so happy that you learned so much and felt so comfortable! Time and money well spent for sure!

    Hope you are settling back in and soaking up time with your loves.

    hugs to you~ReplyCancel

  • Sharie - WOW! Amazing. You have skill! So glad you had a nice trip – and learned so much while having fun:)ReplyCancel

  • Michelle - Three words: gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!! I just love the cemetary shots. Who would have thought a cemetary? Deb, of course. She has such a great eye and I see she rubbed off on you! Now, don’t get me wrong… your photos were great before, but WOW! Very impressive, Lisa! Now I’m bummed that I have to wait until May for the MI workshop.

    Now, three more words: More, more, more!! :)ReplyCancel

  • 3 Peanuts - Your photogrpahs are fabulous and I cannot wait until it is my turn in a few weeks.


  • Jennifer - Lisa,
    I love the pictures! It looks likes you had a wonderful weekend :) I totally need a Photography workshop, myself!

    Looking forward to seeing the rest!


  • The Byrd's Nest - These are really great! I had the awesome pleasure of meeting Jen also shen she was in Texas for Christmas!

    She really DOES have the sweetest accent!ReplyCancel

  • carolinagirl - How amazing! Your photos are so fabulous! Learning more about photography is right at the top of my list of all of my “want to dos”!!! I am so jealous! :)ReplyCancel

  • Jo - What a fabulous weekend you had! I love your photos. I am just starting out ~ taking baby steps and how to turn your camera on classes :) My next goal is take the leap off of auto into manual ~ so not there just yet!

    Can’t wait to see more of what you learned!


  • Jodee Leader - It looks like you had a fabulous weekend with the Pixel Fairy. How fun to meet other bloggers too! Can’t wait to see more of your pictures. I am soooo impressed with Part 1!ReplyCancel

  • Made in China - Wow, that looks like so much fun! Lisa’s blog is one of my faves!

    Thanks for your suggestion, I’m off to check it out!ReplyCancel

  • Jboo - Wow — your photos are amazing!! Sounds like such a great trip!! That little princess in training and the prince are such cuties! Looking forward to reading part 2 and part 3 and part 4 . . .


  • Steffie B. - Fabulous Lisa….I go in May and I can’t wait! 😉ReplyCancel

  • Our Complete Family - Amazing! Truly amazing! What a fantastic workshop to go to!!!
    I loved seeing part 1 of your adventure and can’t wait to see part 2!!!
    Give your sweet kiddos hugs and high fives from me hun….xoReplyCancel

  • sara - i love the angles!! The light! The models!! Gorgeous!! I feel the beauty radiating from this post!!!

    more please :)ReplyCancel

  • Gail - Stunning Lisa. Love all the images and so happy you learned so much and had a great time. Can’t wait to see more…would love to see a pic of the Pixel Fairy herself too.ReplyCancel

  • Chris and Deb - Amazing shots Lisa!! So glad you had such a great time in Atlanta!ReplyCancel

  • Colleen - Oh my gosh those are beautiful!!!! ohhhhhh I can’t wait for my workshop!!!!!! I am so excited!!!!!!!! Good to see you post I missed you : )ReplyCancel

  • Patricia/NYC - Sounds like a great weekend! Looks like you mastered some new skills already (& I thought you were an awesome photographer before this workshop)! Always great to meet friends from blogland too!ReplyCancel

  • Pixel Fairy Princess - LOL – you were a great photographer to begin with – which made my job a whole lot easier! Thank you for such sweet words 😀 I loved every minute of the weekend and I am so glad that got so much out of it! I got home and have been going through the images that you guys shared before the workshop and the after pictures – it is so much fun for me to see what talent all of you have!

    I love the image of Prince Charming 😀

    Ladybug hugs,

  • Kayce - WOWOWOWOW!!! Lisa your photos are amazing! Besides having a great weekend with friends, you took some amazing shots!ReplyCancel

  • EllieNat - Wow Lisa. The pictures are great! ( And I always thought your pictures were amazing before you attended the workshop.)

    Love the cemetery shots.ReplyCancel

  • Jennifer - WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Your photos are amazing. Great Job.

    It sounds like you had an awesome weekend. I can’t wait to see more of your photos.


  • Christy - Lisa those are amazing!! I am so impressed and it sounds like you guys had just a phenominal time. I hate to say it but I am soooo jealous!! I wish I were there hanging out with you guys– it would have been a blast!! You are getting really good!!


  • OH MY #6 - sounds fantastic. Thank you for all the info.


  • Ivy - I think you just became a pro here! The photos are stunning! It sounds like you had so much fun too.

    Can’t wait to see and hear more!


    I still can’t finish my manual on my new camera, but at least can take better pics. Ugh, I better not flunk this class:))ReplyCancel

  • Lisa - I’m so happy for you Lisa! It looks like you had an amazing time! I can’t wait to hear more!!!! Your pictures are so beautiful!! : )ReplyCancel

  • Michaela - Wonderful pictures! I’m glad you enjoyed your weekend in Atlanta. I’m heading there on Friday, 13. My friend is turning 40 and I don’t want to miss the birthday bash!
    I know Lisa F., too. I met her and her husband two years ago at a New Year’s Eve. party. What fun we had! LOL! At that time, they were still waiting for Briana.
    How is the weather in PA? Do you have a lot of snow? It’s cold here, only in the 50’s.
    Keep in touch! Best wishes,

  • Briana's Mom - I was so sad when our fun evening had to come to an end. If you are ever in town again – you know to call me! Maybe one day I can take a trip up your way. The girls have to meet – that is a MUST!! Thanks so much for visiting with us – it was so fun! XOXOReplyCancel

  • paige - wow lisa , these are great!!!
    i wish i could have met up & played with you girls saturday.
    can’t wait to see more

  • Jennifer - Lisa, I’m with you-I’m still catching up! I have been exhausted because I’m staying up too late playing in lightroom and photoshop! All of these pics are amazing!!! You’ll have to let me know when you’re back in ATL and if it’s a time when we can come up we will too! It was so fun hanging out with you!ReplyCancel

  • Lucy - Sounds like a wonderful weekend! What fun to learn so much. The photographs you took are breathtaking! You are going to have so much fun practicing with your kiddos. Can’t wait to see more!ReplyCancel

  • Leslie - Those are some pretty fantastic photo’s Lisa. I can’t wait to see the new way you’ll be doing all your photo’s from here on out. I never knew you could do any better. What a great teacher you had.ReplyCancel

  • Jessica - Awesome. Glad you had a great time. I am very interested in photography…I’ve been coveting a good camer for some time. Hope to get one soon. BTW, I now have a button on my sidebar where you can click to read Our Adoption Story. Take care.ReplyCancel

  • Sharon - Wow! Those are amazing shots and i am so impressed you went to the workshop!! You are so brave to fly all over and meet new people!! I wish I could meet you for lunch one of these days too!!ReplyCancel

  • Isabella's Mommy and Daddy - LOVE the photos..
    You are amazing..
    I sooo wish I could go to one..
    Have a great evening..
    Glad you had lots of fun..ReplyCancel

  • Debz - Oh my girl! You’ve gone pro over night! Actually your pics from before were nice too. I have so much to learn! I just got a very expensive digital flash for mine at Christmas and I have no clue how to use it!
    Glad to see you got to meet Lisa and Brianna!ReplyCancel

  • Fliss and Mike Adventures - I am SO impressed… alas I am the type of person that I like to walk around and just do my thing… to not have people model for me… learning more about the portrait shots… look forward to seeing more…ReplyCancel

  • The Golf Widow - Love it! I wish my girls were half as patient when I’m chasing them around with a camera.You got some great shots. Love the tilted angles.

    I would love to go to a class. Sounds like you had a blast. I look forward to seeing more :)


  • Rachel - I’ve visited your blog on and off from mutual bloggy friends’ blogs. I have to say your pictures from the workshop are amazing and make me so excited for when I attend Debbie’s workshop in Michigan this spring!

    Amazing pictures!


  • Bridget - What a fun packed weekend!!! Love all of the photos ther’re great!- I would love to attend one of the worksphops – I will have to look into it. Hope your adjusting back to real life!ReplyCancel

  • Kerry - Wow Lisa. Your photographs are beautiful. Awesome. So glad that you enjoyed the weekend and picked up some great techniques.

    So hoping to take a class with Debbie too.ReplyCancel

  • Casey - BLOWN AWAY!! Those are some fantastic photos!!! Love them… Now you have to share the HOW. :)

    Thanks for the well wishes for Em too!!ReplyCancel

  • Norah - What a great opportunity you had! Your images are wonderful. Thanks for that comment. The whole thing kept me up all night thinking. Sigh…ReplyCancel

  • Heather - Oooh, it looks so wonderful. I cannot wait!!

    Thanks for sharing, what a special friend you are to gather time with special people, great lesson for all of us!

    Will be anxious to see part two:)


  • Shawnstribe - wow so glad you had a precious time.
    Great photos girly!!!!
    you must have had a fantastic time

  • Sue - Wow, impressed!

    Love all of them!

    Sue : )ReplyCancel

  • CC - So awesome!!!!!!! So where is the contact info and does she do West coast workshops???ReplyCancel

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