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Our Last “Fill Their Stockings” Give-away – Posh Pandora

Before I start, I need to say that I am beside myself after witnessing and watching this entire event unfold, but the last two days have been extraordinarily special to me as I watched the donations come in because of the photos that I took on my journey to China. Those photos truly will hold my memories of China for a lifetime. I do not sell those photos and I never intend to, they are mine….. and this was a special gift that I wanted to share with someone that found them as beautiful, intriguing, and filled with as many memories as I do.

Yesterday was more than a little emotional as I saw the thermometer get pushed over the top.
The photos brought in $1935 in donations and as of this morning we have raised $5,715 through this event for Half the Sky and the children in their programs!!!!
You all have “helped me, help them” and together, we have officially exceeded the goal for this event.
I am completely blown away by the willingness to give back this holiday season.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!


So here we go my friends….. The very last item that will be featured and given away as part of
“Fill Their Stockings With Hope”.

I think you will be excited by today’s featured item as many of you are collectors of this beautiful line of jewelry.

Are you completely drooling over that gorgeous Pandora Bracelet pictured above?

Well, today you have the opportunity to win a $100 Pandora Gift Card!

If you are not familiar with Pandora, take a few minutes to explore their website, by clicking HERE.
Trust me, you will be addicted, as so many are when it comes to these beautiful bracelets and necklaces.

They have hundreds of different charms/beads so you can personalize and design your own look.
The possibilities are endless. Just take a look at some of their creations I found while exploring their site.



Stunning pieces, aren’t they?

Would you like an opportunity to win this $100 Gift Card to buy yourself or someone special a pretty and posh piece of pandora jewelry?

Here is what you need to do:

We ask that you consider making a donation of $5.00 or more.
If you choose to donate, simply use our “CLICK TO DONATE” button below and you will be directed to the Half The Sky donation page that was set up for this event. Your donations are going directly to Half The Sky, which is a non profit organization that makes a difference in the lives of many children that reside in orphanages throughout China. It is also possible to enter without donating. To do that, leave a comment that includes your name and email address so we can contact you should you win. All winners must have a shipping address in the United States or Canada.

Click to donate Top of BLOG Button

This is it….. your last chance to give back to the children that are still in China waiting for forever families. I know that a donation is not required, but I ask you(okay beg you)to please consider it. Every dollar donated makes a difference to these children.
You have until 11:59pm Eastern Time, Thursday December 22nd to give.

A special note: All donations made to Half the Sky at this time will be matched by Jenny Bowen, the founder of Half The Sky and two of their Board Members. Jenny has recently won the 2011 Purpose Prize and has decided to match all contributions made to their foundation until they accumulate $375,000
How exciting and generous is that?
You can see Jenny’s video HERE.
What an inspiring and amazing woman.

Good luck and a special THANK YOU to the giving adoptive Mom who wishes to remain nameless, but so graciously donated this gift card. Without people like you, this event could not have taken place.

Please be sure to check in on Stefanie and Diana to see the final items they are featuring for this event…you won’t want to miss out.

The winners of this week’s featured items will be announced on Friday!

Happy Holidays~

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