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Our New Summertime Addiction

Yo Fresh Yogurt
Within a few miles of our home, they opened one of those cool new Frozen Yogurt shops, where you serve yourself, choose your own toppings, weigh it, then pay for it!
(iPhone photo)

Reags Eating Fro Yo
We could not wait to check it out and try some of the flavor combinations.

I think I want more BLOG
The girls played it safe with vanilla and LOTS of colored sprinkles.

Good to the last drop BLOG
The cups are GINORMOUS….and this was the smallest available.
I guess they assume if they give you a big bowl cup, you will pile it high with yogurt and toppings. Reags had to work extra hard to get that yogurt into her mouth, but she was determined to get every last drop….and that she did:)

Sarah Spoon in Mouth BLOG
Even our pickiest food critic gave this place the double thumbs up!!
We are all completely addicted. I am embarrassed to say that we were there 3 times in one week….. Good thing they have some fat free varieties.

My personal fav, is what they call fat free “Euro Tart”, which tastes like a cup of original plain flavored yogurt. IT IS SO GOOD!!! I top it with fresh fruit; strawberries, blueberries, red raspberries, kiwi, and then add few crushed pretzels on top. You know I love my pretzels and ice cream…… in my book, there is nothing better!!

If you have one of these yogurt cafes in your area, be sure to check it out.
They are definitely all the rage here….. the place has been jam-packed each and every time we have gone.

~Have a wonderful weekend~

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  • Tamar SB - Yum!! There is a place like this a 4 minute walk from my apartment, but the yogurt isn’t very tasty. There is a much better one a few T stops away though, which is better for my waist line!ReplyCancel

  • Heart n Soul - oh, looks like fun.ReplyCancel

  • Mimi - doesn’t Reagan have the most beautiful rosebud mouth?
    And Sarah’s big beautiful blue eyes. You have two gorgeous girls there Lisa.
    The yoghurt looks good too, I’d probably avail of the huge cup, and be their ideal customer!!
    We got a fab new cafe/bistro 10 minutes walk from our house; in the space of 24 hours, I had dinner, the breakfast then lunch there! They joked that they would charge me rent!!
    “It’s so important to support new businesses”- that’s what I tell myself!ReplyCancel

  • Nancy Claeys - Love the colorful presentation with your girls!ReplyCancel

  • Jboo - Oooh — that looks yummy!!

    Have a happy weekend!!


  • snekcip - We have a newly opened yogurt shop right around the corner from our apt. It’s called THE YOGURT SPOT and it is ALWAYS jam-packed! I have been hesitant because of that alone. I may stop in and check it out because OH GOODNESS do Bre and I LOVE US SOME YOGURT!ReplyCancel

  • MG Atwood - We have a couple of shops similiar to this. I always go for the fruit as well. Love your perspective on these.ReplyCancel

  • Gina @ Gigi Marie Photography - Works for me- I would be there all the time too!!! Looks like a great way to spend an afternoon!

    Have a great weekend!ReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - We have a few of these in my city and one relatively close by. I used to go regularly even in the winter time when my teeth chattered. I loved the “fat free” until one day I asked to read the label and saw the sugar content. My addiction came to a halt.ReplyCancel

  • Kristy LifenReflection - We have these and cupcake boutique all over the place here. They are extra fun creating your own dessert!ReplyCancel

  • Eva - Waaay too cool that you can build your own treats. We don’t have anything like that around here. And those colors are totally rockin’!ReplyCancel

  • sommerfugldesign - This sounds really awesome! And your choice sounds really yummy!ReplyCancel

  • Sarah Halstead - Love these. Looks so yummy!ReplyCancel

  • Tami Marie - What fabulous pics. Looks so yummy.

    I linked up my own photos and I am now following you on GFC.

    If you have a minute and would like to, you can visit me here The Things We Find Inside


  • Patricia/NYC - Our version of this is “16 handles”…same deal, same addictive qualities! 😉 sooooo good!ReplyCancel

  • Tara - Oh my goodness Lisa! These pictures are awesome. My favorite is the one of the great big bowl in front of Reagan’s little face. I want to go there! I’d be back over and over trying to find my perfect combination! Looks like summer is treating you well… enjoy!!! (and happy weekend) ~taraReplyCancel

  • Macladie - We don’t have those shops here but we do have one called “Pinkberry” which is excellent but I think they are way too expensive to have very often.ReplyCancel

  • Marla - Yummo! Love Reags’ look of total concentration. SO cute and how fun are the colors of that place?!?!

    Hope y’all have a fab weekend!ReplyCancel

  • Amarie - Looks delicious!ReplyCancel

  • Hanne Bente - Great pictures you show of some adorable little girls.
    Wishing you a good weekend :)
    Hanne Bente / hbt.finus.dkReplyCancel

  • Tiffany - Love them, we have a new place called Menchies…been trying to remember the camera each time we go, but the boys protest to the yogurt photo shoot each time:) Have a great weekend.


  • Jill Wellington - Your photos are amazing and capture such a simple time and pleasure!ReplyCancel

  • Caroline (Frogmum) - Looks delicious ~ maybe in London or some other big city, but frozen yoghurt is definitely not common place here in the UK. Wish it were!ReplyCancel

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