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Queen Of The Jungle {Gym}

Queen of the Jungle {GYM) 700

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I can’t believe the weekend is over… went by so fast, but they always do, don’t they?

Saturday we were up and out early as we had my grandfather’s funeral to attend. It was very sad to say goodbye, but it was a lovely service and luncheon that brought a lot of our family and close friends together. It was so good to catch up with those that we haven’t seen in awhile, I just wish it had been for a more joyous occasion.

After everything concluded, we headed home……the weather was unbelievably warm… us hope that spring is almost here!! We wanted to take advantage of the nice day and even though it was going on 4:30pm, we headed to the park for our first visit of the season.

Sarah was full force the entire time…..she still has NO fear and climbed to the tippy top as if she was Queen of the Jungle{Gym} Things have changed a bit in these last few weeks with her…..she has gone from running away from the camera, to telling me to take her picture every second. It was really funny…..She was on the swings and I was pushing her and she kept saying, “Mommy, you take my picture…please” Well the girl does not need to beg, I had the camera out in a flash and Nick stepped in to push her so she could go “High to the sky” as she says:)

SO, I have converted Sarah and now I have a little ham on my hands who wants to have her picture taken all the time, but Nick on the other hand, is not budging one bit….he said that he would go to the park but under one condition……NO pictures……he just wanted to play….and that he did!!

I did manage to steal a few shots of him this past week…..

Nick Black & White- Blog Header-700mp
This was taken one day after school up in our spare bedroom…..I told him I needed a face shot because I needed a new picture for my next blog makeover….not sure about you, but right now it pains me to see snowflakes in my header……I have had enough of old man winter!! Anyway, he gave me about 10 minutes and this is what I got…… is the only shot that turned out and I think you will be seeing it very soon in my new bloggy look:)

Nick at sunset 700
Well, little Miss Sarah might have been Queen of the Jungle Gym, but on Friday night, Nick was King of the Corn Field!! We went out at Sunset and I let him climb through the fields to make his way to a creek that runs close to our property…..He loves nature and would have skipped rocks across the water all night long if I let him.

Okay….better get moving….that lost hour is killing me and it isn’t even Monday yet! Have a great week……it will be another busy one for us…..this time next week, we are BAHAMABOUND:)

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