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tea for two… just me and you

Boredom set in while she was home and her big sissy was at school.
I was finishing up my work for the day and told her I would take some time to play or do something fun with her.
When putting away all of the holiday bins, I came across a box that my husband had moved into our basement.
It came from his parents house and it was filled with old china and some tea sets.
I brought a few pieces up the steps and Reagan’s eyes were dancing with delight when she saw what I had in my hand.
We gabbed a furry friend, some fabric I have stored in the studio space, some treats to eat and of course some “tea”(water) for the teapot.
She wanted to dress up like a ballerina and wear one of her tutus and when i opened the closet, I saw this apron and ruffle pant set I had purchased almost two years ago.
I never used it as I had intended and was going to return it, but i guess I had second thoughts about parting with it.
I was so glad that I kept it because it could not have worked more perfectly for our dress up tea party.

Reagan was loving every minute of her fancy tea and was so dainty and careful.
After the party came to an end, she decided to help with the clean up.
See previous post I almost put the camera away…. so glad I didn’t.
We get some beautiful light in this house and with our snow-covered surroundings,
the light was really reflecting and seemed to be more intense than usual.

When Sarah walked in from school, Reagan could not wait to show her the tea set.
Can you guess what will be going on here this weekend?
Yes, it will be tea for three, just the two of them and me!

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  • Heather - Soooo beautiful Lisa!!! Love the new site!ReplyCancel

  • Judy - The most elegant tea party, love these pictures, your daughter is so cute in all of them.ReplyCancel

  • MG Atwood - So cute, and I see “you” in the teapot!ReplyCancel

  • mimiindublin - Oh Lisa, I’m melting looking at the one where her little face is lit up looking at you (just after the big one where she’s pouring from the teapot).
    All of these are so beautiful You are a very talented lady!ReplyCancel

  • June - So glad to have found your new blog!!! These are amazing. The lighting is surreal, I felt like I was peaking around the corner into a beautiful dream! Nicely done, LisaReplyCancel

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