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The Hat Is Back


Since we are running a little ahead of schedule here at party planning central…..we took a couple hours to go swimming today! We thought it might be a little relaxing…….I forgot what it was like to have an almost two year old poolside……anything but relaxing!

I think we spent more time outside the pool than swimming in the pool, but it was still fun!

I cannot get enough of this little hat……and don’t even get me started on the bikini with the little bubble skirt…..the second I saw it on the rack, I knew I had to get it for Sarah!


Sarah is getting a couple tips on riding a big girl bike……and don’t worry….no one was riding near the edge of the pool……they were only looking……and there were helmuts and knee pads to be used!!!

OK….back to party planning…..thanks for visiting!

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  • Pug Mama - very sweet!ReplyCancel

  • Sandra - Loving the hat!ReplyCancel

  • Lisa - The hat is great and looks soooooooo cute on her!ReplyCancel

  • Alyson & Ford - Beautiful photos! Thank you for all your support, visiting our blog, being with us each day!

    Alyson LID 01/27/06ReplyCancel

  • Kate - Oh yeah….Sarah is working that hat/bikini combo…..too cute!!!!ReplyCancel

  • Colleen - Sarah looks adorable!!! Love the hat and the bikini.ReplyCancel

  • Jodee Leader - Oh my goodness! That bikini is soooo cute! I wanted to buy Kamree a two piece this year, however, she has a really ugly birth mark on her stomach so I have to wait until it fades more!ReplyCancel

  • kerri - I adore the hat, hope your party planning is going well.ReplyCancel

  • Jboo - Hat and bikini — so very cute!! Hope your party is loads of fun!


  • jenbusymom - I found your blog on 3D’s and couldn’t help but check it out with your title, that’s really cute and great blog. I love your pics, I’m hooked! I have the same hat!ReplyCancel

  • Amie - Wish I could look half as cute sportin a bikini and an adorable little hat. That pic is too cute! so sweet!


  • Bella's momma - Sarah is adorable!! She has great taste in hats as well.

    Happy 4th and happy party~


  • Shelly & Family! - Love the hat and the swim suit…She is super adorable!ReplyCancel

  • Colleen - Have a wonderful 4th of July!!! Can’t wait to see pictures from your big party!ReplyCancel

  • Ashley Winters - Love the hate! Happy 4th of July!ReplyCancel

  • Debz - I agree, it is the cutest little hat on her!
    Happy 4th of July!ReplyCancel

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